4 personality traits all good managers have

No one is born a great manager – as in any other job role, it takes years of development and training to become the type of leader that inspires, motivates and nurtures a team. That’s not too say that there aren’t some natural characteristics and personality traits that all good managers possess.

Here are four of the traits that all great managers seem to have in common:

  1. They’re a great motivator and coach

Being a manager means it’s your job to get all of your team mates working to the best of their ability and aligned with the same vision. You need to coax the best out of various personality types, on good days and bad, keep them motivated and ensure everyone moves in the same direction.

It’s inevitable that within any business unit, you’ll have people with different strengths and weaknesses needing support and guidance at different times. A good manager recognises this and motivates and coaches to ensure the development of each individual in a way that suits that person’s own style of work and career goals.

  • They’re good communicators

Being a manager is more than assigning work and barking orders. A great manager is a great communicator, who knows how to listen to others and let other voices be heard, as well as be the voice of reason when needed.

Being a good communicator also means that person has a strong understanding of the company’s business goals and vision and can effectively convey that to others in a way that demonstrates each person’s essential contribution to that vision and ensures buy-in for that vision. A manager should also be able to communicate wider company news clearly and consistently.

  • They’re emotionally resilient

We all have bad days at the office. Deadlines can and do get missed. Orders and contracts get cancelled. When things do go wrong, a good manager is an emotionally resilient one. This trait is crucial in a position of leadership as the mood and demeanour of the person in charge always filters down to those in more junior positions. A leader who remains calm, keeps a clear head and presents solutions not problems can quickly right the ship and bestow confidence and clarity when it’s needed most.

Managers who become quick tempered, flustered when a problem appears are apportion blame can have a detrimental effect on the wider team’s attitude, motivation and productivity.

  • They are results-orientated

Good managers get things done. They know what needs to be achieved and they focus on delivering those results. Being results-orientated is often closely linked to being a stickler for standards. A manager who focuses on the big picture will not only help the business achieve its vision and objectives but ensure everyone is working productively and effectively at all times.

What do you think are the most important traits for a good manager? Share your thoughts with me on social media.

Written by
Scott Dylan
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Scott Dylan

Scott Dylan

Scott Dylan

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