How has coronavirus changed our working arrangements?

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the world of work, and it is likely that many of these changes will remain – if not forever – then certainly for the foreseeable future. Whether through overcoming the challenges or exploring the opportunities emerging, Covid-19 presents a shift in what is possible for both employees and employers alike.

These are some of the key changes which we can all expect moving forward.

Reworked offices

The requirements of social distancing mean that going to work now looks very different to how it did before the crisis. Workspaces have changed their format to deal with the pandemic and are having to remain flexible as new ideas on how to socially distance while in a room full of people come into effect.

This flexibility is sure to be a cornerstone of good practice moving forward, to ensure that for employees who have to be at work, safety is key.

Remote working

This style of working has been popular for a while, but coronavirus made it a necessity rather than a preference. The shift to not only remote working, but specifically working from home (due to public spaces closing), has led to many conversations about continuing this practice long-term.

Not only does working from home alleviate the need for a commute, saving employees lots of money and time, but it also means companies have to be stringent in their hiring practices, only working with those who can be trusted to keep working even when nobody is watching.

The shift towards working remotely has led many to question why they ever thought they had to be in an office to work productively. Research suggests that one in five 18-34 year olds would move elsewhere if they were able to work from home, and this preference appears to be shared across multiple industries.

Career changes

A new career may also be on the cards for many people, as job losses are an unfortunate part of the pandemic aftermath. With thousands of new claimants for jobseeker benefits, the UK has seen a dramatic rise in unemployment.

While losing your income in the midst of a pandemic is a terrifying enough prospect, with this uncertainty there is also the chance to retrain and find a new career which not only pays the bills but also appeals to an individual’s passions and interests.

The prolonged lockdown has led to a lot of soul searching for individuals stuck at home, so the career changes may not only be restricted to those who have lost their prior employment.

New opportunities

Coronavirus doesn’t only provide us with challenges, but with many opportunities to make a difficult time more rewarding for workers everywhere. Whether that is through embracing remote working, workplace safety or simply operating in a more mindful way, through adversity companies have the chance to turn this troubling time to their advantage.

What changes have you experienced?

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Scott Dylan
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