Online harassment by justin downes and julian parge

Justin Downes at the Center of a Harassment Campaign.

Living in a time where technology has simplified communication and close-knit connections, it has unfortunately given rise to harmful online human behaviours. Cyber harassment has emerged as a pervasive and damaging online menace, causing profound distress for its victims. This narrative reflects on the alarming experiences I have withstood from Justin Downes (otherwise known as Justin Alasdair Melvin Downes), an individual who has systematically engaged in a long-standing hostile crusade aimed at me. All the incidents shared in this blog post are rooted in reality, aiming to create a broader awareness about the severity of cyber harassment, highlighting the immediate need for legal interventions.

The Beginning: Unprovoked Harassment by Justin Downes

My ordeal kicked off abruptly, when Justin Downes, previously the founder of Financial Dynamics, a PR company based in the city, launched an unprovoked harassment vendetta against my team and myself. Initially, his actions left me perplexed, as I had no former relationship, personal or professional, with him. However, his malicious intent and unflagging persistence quickly came to light.

Websites set up by Justin Downes to Damage Reputations and Breach Privacy

Downes established websites aimed at sullying my business partners’ and my reputation. These sites contained false and detrimental information about my personal and professional life. In a severe breach of privacy and violation of GDPR laws, he also posted the personal addresses of my colleagues and me. This blatant disregard for our privacy and safety further highlights the malicious nature of his actions and underscores the need for legal intervention to protect victims from such invasions of privacy.

Justin Downes Harassing Solicitors, Business Associates, and Impersonating Victims

In a mean-spirited agenda to sideline me and thwart my professional progression, Downes targeted my lawyers and business partners with his harassment techniques. He deftly utilized phone calls, emails, and social media messaging as a platform to circulate misinformation, stirring unrest within my business circle. Such actions severely intensified my stress levels and took a toll on my professional relations.

Amplifying the confusion, Downes masqueraded as me through emails in an attempt to sow discord. While he initially feigned innocence, we have subsequently obtained incontrovertible evidence, linking these emails back to his devices. Each email further fed into the emotional toll his unceasing harassment took, making it a challenge for us to sustain focus and mental equilibrium.

Justin Downes Pretending to be Anonymous

In an elaborate ruse, Justin Downes and his associates impersonated a member of the Anonymous collective, a group of international hacktivists known for their cyberattacks on governments, institutions, and corporations. He used this false identity to try and create an aura of fear and intimidation, making it seem like an unstoppable force was targeting my colleagues and me. This tactic was designed not only to cause emotional distress but also to make it difficult for me to seek help, expecting me not to know who to trust.

Justin Downes Creating Videos Pretending to be Anonymous

To further attempt to instil fear and a sense of powerlessness, Justin Downes and his associates created videos mimicking the style of Anonymous. These videos contained menacing messages directed at my colleagues and me, further attempting to exacerbate our anxiety and make us feel like we were under constant surveillance. The lengths to which he has gone to harass us are astounding and shocking.

Justin Downes Manipulating Media and Journalist Contacts for Malicious Purposes

Downes has pushed the envelope by capitalizing on his media contacts to escalate his harassment spree. Utilising his relationships with media professionals, he influenced them to publish disparaging and largely untrue stories targeting corporations and individuals, including my team and myself. These stories, underscored with defamation and malintent, did nothing more than tarnish our standing and bring undue harm to our professional and personal lives.

It is further evidence that the journalists are working with Justin Downes. Any communications sent to the journalists’ legal departments (Such as The Times and The Business Desk) by solicitors seem to find their way back to him, for which he then refers to in further harassing behaviour. Downes then seems to have insight into the type of story being published and when it is being published.

In email correspondence with a team member, Downes even threatened to make them a subject of a story in The Times. He proceeded to pen a defamatory blog post on a Blogger platform, going further to plant fabricated comments under our names, falsely suggesting that we had responded to it.

Justin Downes’ Troubling Past Behaviour

A closer examination of Justin Downes’ past behaviour reveals a pattern of troubling conduct, providing further context for his current harassment campaign. Downes has been previously accused of racism, an allegation that has led to strained relationships with the police, for which he was highly critical, and used his age to try and deflect the matter and avoid an interview. It is even for him to be rejected from professional residence associations, for which he then sets up online campaigns and writes on anonymous blogs about the victims of his campaigns. Although separate from his current actions, these accusations highlight a concerning disposition towards divisiveness and animosity.

In a series of news articles, Justin Downes even took aim at the Arab community in London.

Downes has a history of instigating campaigns against other parties with whom he disagrees. These campaigns, much like the one against my colleagues and me, involve leveraging his influence and connections to cause harm and damage the reputations of his targets. This pattern of behaviour demonstrates a willingness to use unethical tactics to achieve his goals, regardless of the consequences for others.

Downes will deflect from an accusation of racism, in the above-mentioned incidents, he tried to counter that he had friends who were of different ethnicities; however, the evidence was clear enough to show that the allegations made against him had at least some merit.

The Deceptive Tactics of Justin Downes

Despite being 73, Justin Downes cunningly attempted to project himself as an individual devoid of technical knowledge or capabilities. He used his age as a cover to allege his incapability to carry out the damaging activities we have experienced. However, his feigned ignorance turns out to be yet another ploy in his long line of deceitful strategies.

Contrary to his claims, Downes is fully cognizant of his actions and the harmful repercussions they carry for his victims. Our accumulated evidence reveals that he employs pseudonyms to mask his identity while carrying out harassment activities online. We have effectively traced these pseudonyms back to his exact devices, irrefutably confirming him to be responsible for these cyber-attacks.

Downes has built a career on spinning stories to his benefit, and it is clear that this is precisely what he is doing in this case. He carefully orchestrates the harassment campaigns, instigating most of the attacks. This includes creating and managing websites designed to harass further and cyber bully his victims.

Downes’s age should not serve as a cover for his malevolent actions. It is vital to hold him accountable and shed light on the truth lurking beneath the falsely constructed façade. The crafty tactics employed by Justin Downes underscore the imperative need for stronger surveillance and heightened legal security against cyber harassment.

Justin Downes Believing He Is Above the Law

Despite the overwhelming evidence of his malicious activities, Justin Downes appears to believe he is untouchable and above the law. He continues his campaign with brazen arrogance, seemingly unphased by the potential legal consequences of his actions. His belief in his invincibility only fuels his relentless pursuit to cause me as much harm as possible.

The Urgent Need for Legal Action against the Behaviour of Justin Downes

Our experience with cyber harassment at the hands of Justin Downes has been harrowing, to say the least. His actions have caused immense damage to our personal and professional lives, and the psychological impact of his relentless pursuit cannot be overstated. It is clear that there is an urgent need for legal action to hold him accountable and put an end to his campaign of harassment. We are currently consulting with the authorities to deal with this menace.

The serious implications of cyber harassment are a growing concern in our digitally integrated society. Such activities can induce prolonged suffering for its victims, triggering psychological trauma, fracturing relationships, both personal and professional, and even resulting in fatal outcomes. The experiences shared in this blog post provide a stern warning against the potential damage cyber offenders like Justin Downes can inflict upon innocent individuals.

The objective of sharing these disturbing experiences is to promote broader consciousness about the gravity of cyber harassment and the pressing need for a strengthened legal system to safeguard victims. A collective effort needs to be made to build an online community where individuals can pursue personal and professional interactions without the fear of falling prey to harmful perpetrators.

In light of our experiences, we encourage anyone who has been a victim of cyber harassment to speak out, seek support, and take legal action where necessary. It is only through raising awareness and holding harassers accountable that we can begin to address this insidious issue.

As we continue our legal battle against Justin Downes, we remain steadfast in our commitment to shedding light on his malicious actions and seeking justice for ourselves and countless others who have suffered at his hands. We hope that our story will serve as a catalyst for change and inspire others to stand up against cyber harassment, ensuring that perpetrators like Downes can no longer wreak havoc on the lives of innocent individuals.

Our interaction with Justin Downes serves as a grim reminder of the darker aspects of technology and its potential misuse. As we tread ahead in this digital age, it is critical to stay alert and guard ourselves and others from the threats of cyber harassment. By putting forward our experiences, we hope to create awareness and contribute towards establishing solid legal infrastructure and support mechanisms to protect victims and hold cyber offenders accountable for their actions.

It is our collective responsibility to create a safer online space where everyone can thrive without fear of being targeted by malicious individuals like Justin Downes. Let us stand together against cyber harassment and work towards a more secure and inclusive digital world.

UPDATE: As of 9th May 2023, we’ve experienced further harassment by Justin Downes through threatening emails.

Despite being blocked on email servers, Justin Downes persists in his ongoing harassment efforts. He now sends emails to solicitors, who then forward them to me, filled with the usual rants and threats. He appears to derive pleasure from causing harm and leveraging his extensive media connections to spread highly defamatory and inflammatory stories. In his most recent emails, he still brags about his former ownership of Financial Dynamics, a now-defunct company representing CEOs and celebrities. The reality is that Justin Downes exploits his PR connections to orchestrate underhanded campaigns against individuals and organisations.

Downes seems to have abundant free time and a lack of meaningful daily personal connections, which might explain his capacity to maintain his harassment campaign. After examining various forums where he targets individuals and corporations, it’s clear that Justin Downes is a deeply angry person. It’s possible that someone has significantly hurt him in the past, and he is now projecting that pain onto everyone he encounters.

In a recent series of emails, an individual close to Justin Downes revealed that he belonged to a WhatsApp group with several journalists who encouraged one another to write stories. This claim seems to be supported by the pattern of published stories: as one journalist writes, another quickly follows, creating a circular sequence of articles.

Interestingly, Justin Downes displays hypocrisy in his actions. He criticises me and my colleagues for the number of companies we own, any errors at Companies House (which were not caused by us), or those that have been dissolved. However, when looking into his and his son’s corporate history, there appears to be no significant difference. In fact, Justin Downes seems to have two published dates of birth on Companies House records – raising questions about what he might be attempting to conceal.

UPDATE: 3rd November 2023

It seems Justin Downes is still attempting his campaign of harassment. In the last 24 hours I’ve had two emails:

One from “Dame Dame” which email refers back to an anonymous blog which Justin Downes writes under a sudo name “The Dame”

And another from the same IP address from Justin Downes using the name “Palani Palani”.

Justin Downes really does seem to have a boring life if he feels the need to focus energy on harassing me.

UPDATE: 14th November 2023, Justin Downes appears to have resorted to blackmailing tactics. He sent a threatening email today to one of my soliciting firms, warning that unless this blog post about his harassment is removed, he will send emails to “thousands” of professional firms and media outlets across Midlands, North East and North West. It seems he is unperturbed by his continual harassment and is now even resorting to blackmail. He knows that if he ceases his actions, I would willingly take my blog post down and move ahead. However, he seems to believe it’s acceptable for him to act in this manner and that no one should call him out on it. A subsequent update on 14th November: Following the blog update, he doubled down on his harassment by targeting my solicitors with more emails; he now threatens to spam thousands of business professionals, regardless of whether I take the blog post down.

FURTHER UPDATE: 14th November 2023

Tonight, he sent more intimidating messages, now demanding I not only remove this blog post but also issue an apology! This utterly perplexes me. His behaviour now resembles that of an abusive partner, who unleashes abuse and then audaciously expects their victim to apologize.

I responded to say I wouldn’t remove the blog until he stops.

UPDATE: 15th November 2023,

Additional text messages and phone calls have been received. Justin Downes’s inexplicable obsession with me persists, and he appears to be under the illusion that he is untouchable, flaunting the law at whim.

Despite my repeated requests, his attempts to contact me continue relentlessly. His last attempt was an uninvited call, which he likely intended to use for verbal abuse and threatening behaviour, a pattern he’s exhibited with other colleagues.

Written by
Scott Dylan
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  • The person on question has certainly been up to his old tricks on next door with his aggressive campaigning to push people to object to the Kings Road M&S development.

  • As far as I know, he was also the person behind the fromthehornestnest.blogspot , a couple of years a go, I investigated his blog and got as far as pointing his IP address to his home address . To note: I’ve traced his IP address to a apple device & His blog (fromthehornestnest) has now been taken down , his actions cost me my family. So I’ll be pleased to see him prosecuted .

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