What is a collaborative methodology and what are the benefits for your business?

A collaborative methodology is defined as one in which each individual in a team has space to explore ideas and seek out new solutions, rather than adhering to the vision of one individual at the top of the hierarchy.

This notion has become more popular in recent years, in part fuelled by a growing desire for flexible workspaces where communication is key.

Open-minded and modern

The collaborative approach does away with traditional business hierarchy, encouraging a more open-minded and modern working environment. This approach takes into account the experiences of each participant in a group, therefore giving them the ability to truly thrive.

By being more open-minded about its approach to people, a collaborative methodology also suits diverse viewpoints as it makes this diversity a major strength, using experiences and viewpoints to serve the organisation.

Understands the individual

One of the major selling points of collaborative working is that it recognises the strengths (and weaknesses) of the individual. Nobody can be good at everything, but some people are fantastic at individual tasks or roles.

These strengths are harnessed when working in a collaborative environment, rather than focusing on the negative.

Realistic and clear goals

Goal-setting is another key part of any collaborative unit. This is especially important due to the fact that much more work is moving remotely, meaning time together in an office is sparse.

Yet it is not simply the setting of goals which matters in this context. It is also critical that the goals set are realistic and achievable. Collaborative working aims to ensure that each goal is achieved within the designated timeframe, each individual working on the tasks which suit their strengths.

Innovative and rewarding

Collaborative working environments also thrive on innovation, and on rewarding the successes which this innovation brings. Individuals who exceed are rewarded accordingly, and this ethos also extends to sub-teams who perform particularly well.

The emphasis within a collaborative workplace is always on ensuring that healthy competition thrives, yet employees always feel that their contributions are valued and recognised.

Community focused

The community focus of these workplaces is another reason they have become so popular. By fostering a keen sense of community amongst the team members, this allows them to get to know one another and build trust.

Community also allows companies the chance to problem solve in a more effective way, using the knowledge of every team member to forge ahead with greater innovation.

Support team spirit

Collaboratively-driven organisations also support team spirit by not only celebrating success, but celebrating it publicly and openly. This could take on a number of forms, including a team lunch or simply a cheerful mention of the ways in which the individuals who form the team have all contributed to making a project work.

All of these factors are hugely important in ensuring collaborative organisations work effectively.

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Scott Dylan
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Scott Dylan

Scott Dylan

Scott Dylan

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