born leaders

3 Characteristics of a Born Leader

Successful leadership is a key skill for any entrepreneur. Whereas some people are natural-born leaders and can effortlessly take control of teams and projects, others have to develop the skills necessary for being a strong leader. To know what...

management strategies

4 management strategies set to be big in 2021

Nobody could have possibly predicted a global pandemic in 2020, and many managers and leaders have been left reeling with the impact that the Covid-19 outbreak has had on their businesses. Trying to plan for the unplannable and create a strategy for...


What’s Your Leadership Style?

There is no single, universal way to lead a team, and all business leaders naturally have different approaches to managing and directing their own teams to success. A fluid and flexible approach may work best the majority of the time, yet certain...

business acquisition

Tips for Business Acquisition During a Downturn

If you are looking to grow your portfolio and expand your business, a business acquisition is a popular way to go. With the global pandemic forcing the UK into a recession, many potential buyers may be deterred from purchasing a business. However...

Company Funding

Four Ways to Fund a Business Acquisition

If you are looking to grow your business or build an investment portfolio, you might be weighing up the pros and cons of a business acquisition. However, once you have found a company to merge with or take over, a common issue standing in the way of...


5 insider tips for a successful acquisition

Acquisitions can prove fantastic for growing a business, but they take some extra care to get right. In this blog, we’ll carefully look at five insider tips designed to boost your own success. Form the perfect team You’ll need a ‘dream team’ to make...

Scott Dylan

I’m Scott Dylan, Fresh Thinking Group Founder and Partner. I oversee the strategic direction of the company, which I created to help, acquire and invest in both distressed and viable companies together with helping businesses improve their business processes and setting strategic directions.